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Ects, calculator - Convert your Native credits
knowledge of sciences and technology, bachelors students acquire professional and academic competencies in the life sciences. Starting from a broad knowledge of sciences and technology, bachelor's students acquire professional and academic competencies in the life sciences. Tuition fee, please consult the website for the most recent information: /tuitionfees. The, eCTS is now widely used throughout higher education institutions as it facilitates student mobility within Europe and the comparison of study programs and courses. The, eCTS, European Credit Transfer System, is a credit system first introduced in Europe in 1989 within the educational exchange program Erasmus. If so, this bachelors programme is a perfect fit for you.

Are you are willing to develop excellent communication and management skills and are you a born team player? Many graduates continue on to their PhD studies. Bachelor's, barcelona, munich, bA (Hons) in Business Management (Enterprise). In every project, you will learn to take into account preconditions such as sustainability, quality and regulations. The following fields are open to you: research and development, production, sales, services, safety and consulting within industrial, governmental, academic, and private sectors.

Munich, bA (Hons) in Business Management (Marketing). Furthermore, students can accumulate credits and pass them over to other institutions to continue with their studies. Moreover, students provide technical support to purchase and sales services and design new products and processes. In the first stage, the focus mainly lies on the basic sciences in Engineering and Science. The master's thesis in the last year is often linked to a company internship at home or abroad. This programme is an academics-oriented bachelors in Engineering Technology. Bachelor's, barcelona, munich, bA (Hons) in Business Management (International Business).

If you have questions about studying with us, please contact admissions. Graduates in Engineering Technology need to be all-rounders who are multi-deployable. You will come into contact with concrete technological problems in all kinds of domains: food, energy, health care, environment. The workload refers to the amount of time a student needs to complete the learning activities, such as self-study, seminars, projects or exams, to achieve the course outcomes. professionalism Engineering skills, attitudes and personal attitudes (I) I1L Problem analysis and solving I2L Design and/or development I2V A creative and innovative attitude I3L Application-oriented research I4L Ethical behavior I4V Social responsibility I5L Entrepreneurship I5V An entrepreneurial attitude Practical skills. The programme-specific learning outcomes are: Knowledge and comprehension (K) K1 Basic scientific-disciplinary knowledge and comprehension in the field of Engineering Technology Engineering skills (I) I1 Problem analysis and solving I2 Design and/or development I3 Application-oriented research I4 Ethical behaviour I5 Entrepreneurship Practical skills (P) P1 To make operational. How does the ects benefit students?

You can download and submit your application form via /application. The Faculty of Engineering Technology also has several other student teams who are, among other things, building an electric racing car, developing 3D printers for medical applications or making Leuven climate neutral in 2030. Therefore, a polyvalent and generic engineering training is crucial. However, if you plan to study in Europe, you will notice the majority of institutions provide students with the number. Are you eager to find solutions for  concrete challenges in a business environment? In that case, the campus will determine, based on the file and after consultation with the student, the date on which attendance at the campus is mandatory. Collaborating with other foreign students is also a learning experience and adds value to your study programme and diploma. Home programs, bA - Bachelor of Arts in Digital Business, Design Innovation.

New programme, starting in September 2020, the Faculty of Engineering Technology is introducing  a renewed curriculum for the bachelor in Engineering Technology. Start your career, during your studies During your bachelor's and master's programme you can already shape your own profile by choosing a certain specialisation, studying abroad (Erasmus doing a work placement, or starting your own business. All of this is located in the field of the students choice: construction engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, or IT-electronics. They solve technical problems, govern processes and manage systems. Tamk at (Tampere University of Applied Sciences). The Student Career Centre is happy to put you on the right track towards your first work experience. Bachelor's, geneva, montreux, bA (Hons) in Business Management, bachelor's.

I run a company with more than 40 people, and we have over 15 nationalities among them. This allows you to study in a truly international environment. Structure, strengths, from the start of the programme, you will put your knowledge into practice in labs. If you wish to get a reply, remember to include your email address in your feedback message. All of this is located in the field of the student's choice: construction engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, or IT-electronics. Admission requirements, bachelor of Engineering Technology (Leuven) (new programme as from ). Engineering Experiences, an engineering experience challenges you to act and think like a real engineer, by working as a team and bringing together all your knowledge, skills and points of view.

The centre also coaches you in the search for an interesting job and helps you with job interviews. The programme offers a broad introduction to mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Leuven 22 Module (new programme as from ). You will also get to know the industry better through company visits and guest lectures from professionals in the field. You will get to know different technological domains from a versatile, multi-disciplinary point of view.

Munich, mSc in International Management, master's, munich, master of Business Administration (MBA mBA, munich. This programme will be gradually introduced and is applicable for students starting the bachelors programme in academic year. Tau at (Tampere University) or admissions. Finally, in the third stage, you will choose an option within your specialisation where you can further explore a specific sub-domain. For students who, for covid-19-related reasons, cannot be present on time, facilities will be offered in the first weeks of the first semester to follow on-campus activities online (e.g., lectures, practice sessions) or catch up later (e.g., lab, project). Bachelor's, barcelona, munich, bA (Hons) in Business Management (Finance). International Summer School, summer/Winter School, barcelona, business Summer School. This bachelors programme will give you a good idea on all possible career possibilities and which engineer you want to become.

Ects each course and module is worth. If you have problems with your user account or other IT-related issues, get in touch with our. The programme primarily serves as a thorough preparation for related masters programmes, which aim to broaden the chosen field of study and deepen the skills acquired in the academic bachelors programme. Engineers and Technology, your technological training starts from day one. The bachelors programme is based on four pillars, which run like a thread throughout the entire programme: Engineers and Science, for engineers, technology and science are inseparable. At Group T Leuven Campus, more than 25 of the engineering students are international. A full-time student would need to complete 60 ects per academic year, which represents about 1,500 to 1,800 hours of study. The first Belgian solar car was built here and in 2019, the eighth Solar Team even became world champion in Australia with their self-built solar-powered racing car.

Group T Leuven Campus is a breeding ground for ambitious student projects. The international study environment is quite helpful in building intercultural communication and understanding skills. The renewed programme offers a solid engineering basis which you can always fall back. You will be given many opportunities to put your knowledge into practice, both within the faculty and the business world. As an engineer with an internationally oriented education you will be well suited for a career at management level, and to implement your own business idea. The programme-specific learning outcomes are: Knowledge and comprehension (K) K1L Basic scientific-disciplinary knowledge and comprehension in the field of Engineering Technology K2L Basic scientific-disciplinary knowledge and comprehension in one of the disciplines of the chosen specialisation K3L Basic scientific-disciplinary. Dont know where to start?

Bachelor's, barcelona, bSc (Hons) in International Business, bachelor's. KU Leuven uses an online application system. The Student Career Centre's databases contain offers for jobs, volunteer work, innovation projects and student jobs. . business aspects and entrepreneurship. . Julian Baladurage, BBA Germany EU's Most In-Demand Degrees BA (Hons) in Business Management (Enterprise) Master in Management Master in Marketing BA - Bachelor of Arts in Communication Public Relations BA (Hons) in Business Management (Finance) Discover Our Campuses Professional accreditations: Academic. This enables you to make a well-considered choice for a specialisation in the 2nd bachelor. According to the ects, study programs in Europe are worth the following number of credits: Bachelor's degrees (first cycle) are worth ects (3 to 4 years). Bachelor's, barcelona, munich, bA (Hons) in Business Management (HR Management).

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